Shimano R9150 RD - Why so few direct mount hangers?

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by barturtle

pdlpsher1 wrote:
Wed Jan 31, 2018 3:35 am
I still don’t quite follow on the dropout position. If the builder rotates the dropout counter-clockwise, there no hood area for the chainstays to attach to. The hood part of the dropout has to be positioned correctly. So the dropout design (Paragon in this case) comes into play. The dropout I chose is a small one. Paragon also makes a much larger dropout which has probably more flexibility on chainstay and seatstay placement.

The road DM hanger will also change the position of the RD. At this point I have no issues with the bike so I might just keep everything as is. As I have stated earlier I think the new Shadow RD is awesome, with or without a DM hanger.

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Have you ever managed to get a proper hanger out of Paragon? I was informed today that my hanger is based upon Paragon's Low Mount design.

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by pdlpsher1

No. I contacted them about a month ago. They were nice and told me that it's on their radar. But that they have other new products to get out first.

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by zank

The road DM hangers have been available for a while now. ... x-1-5.html

Edit: sorry, I forgot yours is an open dropout. Looks like they are only doing road DM for their thru axle hoods.
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by Calnago

@Barturtle: well it sounds like at least you can actually position the B-link such that the derailleur ends up in the right place in space, even though it won’t be against the stop. As long as you torque it down so it doesn’t slip you should be ok. That seemed to work for Team Sky a couple of years ago. This year I see they had some custom hangers on their bikes.
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