Chainring moon on a stick want!

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by Monkeyfudger

Couple of questions, bare with me...

Has anyone ever seen a standard round (non oval) 52tooth aero (mainly because I’m a tart !!) 110 BCD narrow/wide chainring? It doesn’t appear to be a thing!

Fall back chainring will likely be a SRAM X-Sync 52t in 110 but will it fit any 110 BCD crankset or should I expect some weird SRAM silliness meaning it’ll only fit their own crankset, even better, has anyone fitted one to a P2M NG?

Sorry/thanks 8)

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by kwakekeham

Rotor makes the NoQ aero which is a shiftable 5 hole 110BCD chainring.

X-sync is for a 1x drivetrain only but it's style is the same as regular sram rings. However, X-sync is narrow-wide I believe, therefore it is not shiftable because the chain has to fit on it indexed and it has no ramps or pins.

I thought there was an old 52t 110bcd SRAM aero chainring for 10sp, I know I had a 53 aero with 130bcd, but can't find any trace of it. Most of the old SRAM stuff in 10sp seem to be unavailable.

by Weenie

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by Rudi

Pretty sure these guys will make you whatever you want: ... _2011.html
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