Anyway to install bar tape without using electric tape?

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by RussellS

Not an answer to your question, but electrical tape comes in many colors. At one of the hardware stores many years ago I bought a pack of electrical tape in about 6 different colors. Red, blue, yellow, green, white, etc. Assuming you use a solid color tape, its not too hard to find electrical tape that more or less is the exact same color as the bar tape. Nothing obvious will show. And of course, if you use black bar tape, then its real easy to just pull the black electrical tape out of the tool belt and put it around the bars. Matches very well.

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by kode54

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Best thing "since sliced bread" is silicon tape. It is self-amalgamating tape[url] ... ZOK55G/url]. and just doesn't come unwrapped. You'll love it.

i've also seen silicone bands that you slip onto the bars and over the bar tape to finish it off.
This stuff is even better in that you control the sizing and tension.
i'll have to try some out on one of the bikes.
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by Weenie

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by Aya

I prefer to use silicone self-adhesive tape than electric tape.
It would be a little bit cumbersome to wind up tidily, but there is no sticky things even if long time has passed.

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by Zakalwe

Never had any issues with sticky or unwinding electrical
Tape personally, just use a good brand (the 80p one, not the 50p unbranded version) and learn to tape it properly

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by jacobeh

Here is a pretty good video demonstrating how to do it using double-sided tape and doing top to bottom (as a bonus it is also on an aerobar) - I haven't done it myself but I will on my next build:

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