The best height of spacers?

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by Aya

Hello. This is my first thread here. :D

How many spacers do you think under the stem would look the best in terms of aesthetics, not regarding to the functionality or to the engineering?

If you think the answers will be different depending on the size of the frame, then please tell me the size and the spacer height together.

For example, like the below.

All size : 10~15mm


48~52 size : 10mm spacers
54~58 size : 20mm spacers

and so on...

P.S. Praise the Google Translation!!! :thumbup:

by Weenie

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by jever98

Very simple: ideally, zero spacers, for all sizes, if it aligns with your fit :-)
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by Marin

I prefer 10-15mm, I don't really like the look when the stem sits right on the headset.

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by sungod

if you are doing it for aesthetics, it's how it looks together with the frame/stem, not simply what height

what looks good with one frame+stem combination could look worse with another

personally i'm with jever98 on this :)

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by stoney

Slam that stem! Look at MVdP's stem.

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by Jenmoss

The most important thing is that you are comfortable and not in pain.
You can always experiment with position but it can take a few rides to adjust.
Personally I think if you stretched out and not got any muscles etc squashed the better.
I personally slam my stem on both my bikes. I don't even use a dust cover . I don't think slamming is for everyone even Armstrong used spacers.

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by Cemicar

While I'd second having 0 spacer being the best, you actually have to insert at least one 5mm spacer between your headset and stem. I don't remember the rationale (too much preload onto the head cap or such), but that's what pretty much today's most bike manufacturers say.

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by TonyM

In terms of optics ZERO spacers!! SLAMMED STEM is the rule!

Ok if you have a really really small frame like many Pros have then some of them are even obliged to have some spacers, especially the tall riders.

And in terms of efficiency it is doesn’t help to have a slammed stem and then not being able to ride aero. If you back/ fitness doesn’t cope with a slammed stem, then you should not do it.

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by donald

Many frames of the same size have different head tube sizes. One 54 cm frame can have a head tube of 125 mm., another 54 could have a 150 mm. head tube. This can affect what is the best fit/spacers for a particular person.

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by gravity

Ideally 3-5mm under the stem with minimal height headset cone. However, I find 10mm would still look OK if the fork steerer is 1 1/4 i.e. Giant fork.

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by romalor

the least

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by oldnslow2

This is Weight Weenies, the the correct answer is NONE.

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by Bely

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by jimaizumi

This thread is going to an awkward one for those looking to chime in w/ some brute sarcasm..

None for the long or short term back ache.. Stack it like a harley and find ur bike in the fred thread...
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by Weenie

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by boots2000

I say as few spacers as possible, but it also depends on the size of the bike and the length of the stem.
To my eye- A shorter stem does not look as bad with say 20-25mm of spacers under it. A longer stem looks funny with a bunch of spacers under it.

But in general I would say 15mm as a max (for aesthetics)- but less is better.

Also- A bike looks better with a 15mm topcap and 1cm spacer than an 8mm topcap and 17-20mm of spacers.

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