Inflating tire on a disc wheel - PITA

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by alcatraz

Hi WWs

I was wondering what is the best way to inflate tires on disc wheels?

I've been using a single cylinder foot pump for years without problems.

Now because I am starting to get tired of breaking a sweat before leaving home (I run latex tubes - those who do know what I mean), I've been thinking of running an electrical pump instead or find a better solution for that every day inflation.

The disc wheel requires an adapter that cant be screwed onto the valve. It means if its not completely straight it will leak and your inflation just takes forever or is simply impossible.

So I need to hold the adapter while pumping. Which means bending like crazy or doing it one handed which is a PITA.

I'm now either considering putting a longer hose on the pump or getting an electric one.

What would you do/recommend? Thanks for reading...


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by mattr

Better solution = track pump.

Then they have a long enough hose.

And a decent head for it, it'll seat itself (and not leak).

by Weenie

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by CarlosFerreiro

Common TT bodge to use a cork to wedge the track pump head in place against the inside of the valve hole.

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by jekyll man

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by mattr

That's basically the best "decent head" out there......
Put it on something like a rennkompressor and you'll be laughing.

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by DurianGrey

I'd pick up an air compressor second hand. Sealing issues aren't as big a deal when you have loads of air on hand, and after you've bought a nicer pump and fancy head you're not very far away cost wise. Plus easy tubeless seating.

if you don't want the howling banshee sound of the motor when it kicks on then get one from california air tools, they are very quiet. I have a small horizontal one from them and it can kick on in a basement with the baby sleeping above.

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by atakaoka

Remember that most compressor only goes up to 90PSI and fell goes up to 120PSI.
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by mattr

Mine does 180-200.
But it's a compressor, not a tyre inflator.

by Weenie

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