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by superb

Hi guys!

Question...which bike to buy for about the same price?

1. new Scott Foil 30 2016, Shimano 105
2. little used Scott Solace Premium 2014, Shimano DA Di2

+ new
+ nice look
- Tektro brakes

+ Di2
- used

What would you buy?

by Weenie

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by Shrike

Literally spent the past 3 minutes typing sarcastic replies and deleting them :lol:

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by superb

...And I still do not know what to buy.

this will be 3rd bike...will be used only in bad weather. I do not care if it is aero or endurance geometry. Both ca 2.200 usd.

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by IrrelevantD

What version of Di2?

I mean honestly, as good as 105's have become with the 5800, anything Di2 is just that much nicer.
That being said, I'd probably be a little hesitant on the 10 speed 6770 and absolutely avoid the initial Dura-Ace version (7970) as it used different cables that aren't compatible with anything else. But if it's Ultegra 6870 or DA 9070, it's a keeper.
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by superb

Shimano 105 5800
Shimano DA 9070

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by themidge

I'd get 9070 in a flash over 5800 (who wouldn't? :noidea: ). It'll work better, looks better if you set it up nicely, and i'd imagine it'll be better in the rain/winter with no cables to get gunged up.

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by seaneT1

Plus for bad weather you can put mudguards and stuff easier on a solace, so the solace gets my vote aswell.

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by dricked

I’ve got some like new 5800 takeoff levers/calipers if you decide to go that way.

Nm, it’s a full bike.
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by DurianGrey

I'd pick up the older / nicer one, but I hate paying for depreciation. Plus you likely have more room to bargain used

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by morganb

For what you want to do the Solace makes 100 times more sense.

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by Mr.Gib

As above a Foil makes zero sense as a bad weather bike. With the Solace you will at least have room to run bigger tires and/or mount fenders
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by TonyM

For your use in bad weather the Solace!!

by Weenie

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