Di2: which mode do you use?

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by Conza

I adjusted semi - so at the extreme of cross chaining... it changes down (so two gears in from each).
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by MisterNoChain

IrrelevantD wrote:
Mon Jan 15, 2018 9:16 pm
pdlpsher1 wrote:
Mon Jan 15, 2018 8:12 pm
In semi-syncro mode, does the front and rear shifts happen simultaneously or does it happen sequentially? I believe the 'delay' people are complaining about is that it doesn't do both front and rear shifts concurrently, as one could easily accomplish in the 'manual' mode. The shift speed option under eTube is for the rear shifts only.
It's sequential, which is why I don't like it. I like mine to go a little harder before it goes easier, but that doesn't happen when shifting to the smaller ring. It shifts the ring, then adjusts the cassette regardless of how fast you have it set. As far as I'm aware, theres no way to adjust this.
When i go from the small to the big ring it shifts simultaneously, when i go from the big to the small ring it shifts sequentially. Why, o why Shimano???
I love how semi-synchro works when going to the big ring, you dont even notice it did 2 shifts at the back, it's just as fast as in manual. But the other way round is so slow. Small ring ... wait for it ... and then i does the 2 shifts slower then normal. I hope they change that in the near future or i'll have to go back to manual shifting. I'm riding the R8050 group by the way.

by Weenie

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by Campervan

Sorry for the slight hi-jack.
If i got di2, and had it in full synchro mode, am I able to set the shifters up to respond like etap?
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by glepore

I like semi, but in rolling terrain it requires you to think further ahead than usual when requesting the shift, otherwise you end up with the situation noted previously where you decelerate such that you no longer want to shift 2 gears up in the rear when going to the small ring, you might want just one or two. Still, that's the same workload-you still perform a front actuation and a rear. The only thing is the delay, so by the time you have the "right" gear its taken a moment. If you anticipate a bit, semi is pretty nice.
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by TheRich

ooo wrote:
Thu Jan 11, 2018 4:46 pm
Synchro is very usable with audio support, but it is only possible with mtb di2 parts
Seems like just having the beep would go a long way to make synchro unnessary for most people using it.

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by Jere

4 bikes Di2
3 are Manual and the Aero road semi) auto mode , summer Hammer bike.
I do not like semi) auto mode in the winter with heavy gloves.
Everybody that I set up have gone back to Manual.

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by nycebo

Campervan wrote:
Mon Jan 14, 2019 6:48 pm
Sorry for the slight hi-jack.
If i got di2, and had it in full synchro mode, am I able to set the shifters up to respond like etap?
Yes. I've done just so. I use the large paddles to shift the rear mech (right = outboard, left = inboard) and the small paddle to shift the front mech (right = large, left = small). I love it that way.

And I also have grown used to semi-synchro. I adjusted the speed to fastest and love that I just have to click the small paddles and it slides the rear mech up or down 2 gears accordingly. Have not had an issue with any delays described above. But to add to the furor, I HATE full synchro.

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by cunn1n9

After trying all modes I go back to manual.

For me biggest problem with full synchro is when racing. You might be standing up at max effort on a little pinch matching an acceleration and click for a chain and to have it change the front chain ring can cause too big a jump in cadence or you can drop a chain.

With manual I know what I will get whenever I hit the shifter.

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by sleep

I think full synchro is perfect for triathlon or ironman race since you don't want all out at any time (otherwise you will pay it later), but you are right on it may not good for many road race.

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Dan Gerous
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by Dan Gerous

Full manual here too, I prefer to be in control. I also set shift speed faster (it doesn't make much of a difference to me honestly) and buttons remapped just like nycebo. Logic is closer to my other bike with eTAP plus it's easier to shift the rear mech (which I use much more than front shifts obviously) from the rear most buttons that are easier to find with thicker gloves when it's cold.

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by Geoff

I did not even know about the semi-syncro mode. I got a bike from Pantano and it was set-up that way. I could not figure out what was wrong with it for days! I am old-school, so manual only, please.

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by tabl10s

TonyM wrote:
Thu Jan 11, 2018 12:48 am

I am using Di2 for a few weeks now and I really love it. I have now biked the last weeks on the semi synchro mode and I actually like it better than I would have thought. I still have to test the full synchro mode however. Too bad there is not also another mode with the semi synchro and the full synchro together.

Which mode do you use? Manual, semi synchro or full synchro? and why?
Manual for me as only one bike is Di2. Every time I use eTap and switch back, I keep trying to shift the levers together.
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by ms6073

I also tried both modes and found as others mentioned, did not like the auto shift feature which usually decided to shift to the small chainring just as I would top a long roller! I think part of the problem is that Shimano does not offer enough chain ring and cassette choices in the Etube application. I am using AB 52/38 oval rings on a DA PM on my road bike and Wick Werks 44/34 on the gravel bike and neither combination are available in Etube.
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