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by dim

I need some advice from you guys ....

I have a Giant TCR composite 2 road bike that I'm planning to use for long Audax rides ... It fits me like a glove and I'm busy upgrading it (so far I have added HED Belgium Plus wheels with Chris King R45 hubs ... and I will change the groupset (105 10 speed) to Dura Ace 9000 11 speed etc)

I have purchased the Apidura Top Tube bag (extended) and I'm now looking at getting the Frame pack. I made a cardboard template of the frame pack and it fouls with my water bottles ... (The Giant TCR has a sloping top tube) ... (I'm planning on doing the long rides with The Apidura Frame Pack bag, Top tube bag and a Camelbak bag (which I will carry light items such as a rain jacket)

I'm not sure if side exit water bottle cages would work as the overlap is a lot .... so, I am thinking of getting the water bottle cages that triathletes use (that mount on the saddle)

however .... more problems ... I use the Garmin Varia Radar unit on my seatpost aswell as the Cycliq Fly 6 videocam .... so, ideally I'm looking for water bottle cages that fit on the saddle but that angle at 45 degrees or more so as not to obstruct the radar unit and the Fly 6.

this is a photo showing the Frame pack bag on a different bike with a horizontal top tube:

and this is a photo showing a Giant TCR (same model as mine):


and here is a photo of a bike showing the 2 bags:

so, any help/advice will be appreciated!
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by FishXChips

Ive looked into this before and there are a few options for lowering the cage's. Might as well try and use the space before resorting to rear mount. Getting a machinist to make ya something would probably give you the best fit but you can even use a DI2 Battery mount. KingCage also made lowered cages for SimWorks at one point. Lots of forums out there with this same question. Good luck!

by Weenie

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by sooni

Get the full frame pack and stash a 2L Platypus water bladder inside. Worked for me.

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by silvalis

What you want is a wolftooth b-rad mounting base. Shift the entire bottle downwards. You will have to play a bit to figure out best fit for the downtube and seat tube. ... d-products
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by jlok

This is my TCR Adv SL Disc S size. Cages and bottles are Elite Cannibal and Fly 500mL. Acceptable fit.


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by Weenie

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by TonyM

Interesting to follow - even if really not WW ...

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