Latex tube?

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by 53cxzero

Good day, I wanted to ask, if any one new what brand of latex tube Veloflex uses in there tubulars. I use Veloflex clinchers, and I am going to run latex tubes. I am just sorting out which to try, first. Thanks; Robert

by Weenie

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by Sammutd88

Not sure, maybe they manufacture their own latex tubes to sew into their tubs. I can say however that I've had nothing but good performance from the pink Vittoria latex tubes.

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by LouisN

The latex tubes in tubulars are nowhere near latex tubes meant to be used with clincher tires. Vittoria latex tubes for tubulars weigh around 40g as the pink ones for clinchers weigh twice as much.
Louis :)

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by TonyM

I use mostly Vittoria and Vredestein latex tubes in my Veloflex. The Vittoria are much thicker than the Vredestein. Both work fine. Same tubes in my Vittoria tires. I use however only Vittoria latex tubes in my winter wheelset with Conti 4 seasons tires.

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by 53cxzero

Great, sounds like, I will give the Vittoria tubes, a go! Thanks for your, input; Robert;

by Weenie

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by C36

I attach a lab test done some time ago by the french magazine "le Cycle". Long story short, you have around 2x2W gains with latex over Butyl and surprisingly some pinch-resistance improvement.

I had to cut the picture to have them loaded but in short:
- power consumption for 30kmph
- puncture resistance: putting a needle into a tire-tube
- impact: dropping a tire-tube on an edge
- pressure loss: after a week (not any useful info...)

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