Campagnolo SR Front Derailleur vs. Carbonice Chaincatcher

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by NiFTY

Using q rings i would recommend a chain catcher. I use the carbonice with an alloy washer that i dremeled and a ti bolt as i stripped the alloy bolt tightening
I use a lot of tension on the cable for sram to make it shift well. I also find the old force steel cage works better with q rings than the yaw. Even with 11 speed.
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by Weenie

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by tommasini

Several things this topic hits home with me. I too am an engineer who likes to see things done right/just so. Nothing wrong with the OP wanting to see a high end solution for his high end build. That said, having run campy 11 since it came out in 2009 (and a campy guy since 1975) my experience with 11 speed is no chain drops in tens of thousands of miles. But additionally the 2015 and later front shifter design aims to further avoid chain drops by not allowing you to do a full 3 click continuous drop from the large ring. Not saying the OP should drop the idea of a chain catcher.....or anyone else.....just that in my experience I don’t find it to be a must have for my Campy rides

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by mortirolo

AJS914 wrote:
Sat Dec 30, 2017 10:10 pm
I've never used a chain catcher or needed one. I say return this bling, bling chain catcher and live dangerously.

Put some helicopter tape on your expensive new frame to protect it.
I can live dangerously, but my bike? Impossible. :)

Helicopter tape is a good solution especially on chain stay, but my down tube and seat tube as large as possible (BB 386EVO), so one chain drop is too much.
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by Geoff

Stuff happens, regardless of set-up. Running chain-drop prevention is good sense. You can also just use the Campagnolo one, which has appropriate hardware...

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