Moving from Venge to Tarmac or Roubaix

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by jj911c2

If you are looking for a more comfortable ride, I would consider the Trek Domane or potentially (less comfortable than Domane) the Madone if you want aero. I have an SL6 which I really like but it definitely is sharper through the saddle than a Madone 9 (which has a flexible pivot for the saddle).

by Weenie

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by AJS914

DJT21 wrote:
Sat Dec 30, 2017 9:54 pm
Get someone to fit you properly and let 10 psi out of your tyres.
On every bike I've had a 10 psi difference is hardly noticeable. I had a bike once that just beat me up. I tried wider tires and lower pressure and while both of those things made a small difference the frame was just too stiff. Every imperfection on the road was something to avoid. I think it was mentally fatiguing more than anything.

To the OP, I was also going to suggest trying some different wheels. Deep section 404s aren't necessary for your riding style. Maybe the mechanic or a buddy would loan you a set of wheels for a half an hour so you could try something less stiff.

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by raffit78

Ive got a cannondale caad12 and a roubaix. I’d take the roubaix. Extremely comfortable. Especially when you’re doing long miles.

Brand new caad12 Black was just built a few months ago and My Roubaix still is used by default. I love the looks of the caad, but that’s about it.

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by jlok

Feeling is relative. Go ride a P5 with Lightweight wheels and then back to Venge. See if the ride soften your feeling of Venge.
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by Geoff

I know what you mean. I have Bert's last McLaren Venge and it is quite stiff. You can run a set of 25s on it and it is better. If you like running tubulars at 110 psi on the rear, though, you'll have to learn to live with it.

I have one of Alberto's last Emondas. While I don't have a lot hours on it, that thing feels great. I am still waiting for a Madone, though, and that might be the ticket for you if you want to stick with an aero bike.

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by jfranci3

The biggest difference you’ll notice is the seat post. I went from an older Tarmac to an AL Cyclocross one bike solution. I was getting beat up. I swapped the Trek “Carbon “ wrapped AL post for a carbon one with some deflection. Made a big difference. You don’t feel it riding but it’s taking the intensity of the impact spike down a notch. I don’t think you can put a non aero post on the Venge. Try a bike with a D, offset, or deflecting post.

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