The Value of Bike Reviews

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by c60rider

Reviews of bikes are a total waste of time they won't want to upset the manufacturers in the first instance and give a bad review or else they'll not send them another bike in future thereby putting themselves out of a job! The reviews will always talk about how much better this years bike is than last years trying to get you to think you've now got something horribly inferior and need to buy the latest. This benefits the industry again and just keeping the journos in a job. It's a constant push to get people to think they need something new and what they've currently got is now rubbish. It bores me so much that like others have said I just look briefly at the pictures. But my pet hate on the reviews I have read are how they talk about fast handling that really annoys me, what they mean is the front end is too short and steep so giving a very nervous riding frame thereby making it unstable and pretty much rubbish!

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