Which one is fastest? UCI Time trial bike or non-UCI triathlon bike?

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by morganb

Tri bikes are also designed to be faster at higher yaws for two reasons.

1. Speeds are lower for a number of reasons, longer courses, you have to run after and you come from a swim, and the fact that athletes aren't specializing in just going fast on a bike

2. The hallmark event for tri is Kona, where even at world class pro speeds the riders are seeing high yaw. I wouldn't be surprised if this influences bike design because having a Kona winning bike is huge for marketing.

by Weenie

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by audiojan

Shrike wrote:
Sat Dec 23, 2017 11:28 am
BMC TT (Mavic CXR) 190.5
BMC Tri (Mavic CXR) 196.8

BMC's TT frame is faster than the Tri version in this case (little bit faster again if you stick it on 808's)
The frame is identical, but the handle bars are different. The Tri version has the extended V, which gives you taller stack. The TT version has the flat aero bars. This accounts for difference.

No idea why the Canyon TT measured lower than the Tri... doesn't make sense. Was this test done with a rider or just with the bike? That makes a huge difference!
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by bllx

First, consider that the margin of error for tours testing is unknown, and the difference between the canyon in TT and tri configuration is very small. Also, the Tri-version has more bits hanging on the front end. Although these surely blend in nicely with the head tube, the also increase frontal area somewhat. And it is not might be that the shape of headtube cluster has lower Cd without the added bits (to long aerofoils add more skin drag).

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