2018 Trek Domane SL 7

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by nycjwi

I'm looking to get a Domane and the 2018 Sl 7 seems like the best value. I would appreciate any feedback.

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by Mr.Gib

A bit heavy by current standards. The main question with this bike is the geometry. They have a lower bottom bracket and taller stack than just about anything out there. If you need a really tall front end it could be good choice. Build quality should be excellent.

I haven't ridden the current model but demo'd the previous which has the same geometry. It gave the feeling of being "in" the bike instead of "on top" of it. The appropriate size felt big - "wallowing" was the word I would use to describe the handling. On the other hand I did not have an opportunity to try a size down with a long stem. I bet that would have transformed the feel.
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by Weenie

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by rainerhq

I had the previous one. On training rides it was ok, but in race, I was always on drops, because when on hoods, I felt unsecure, too high.
Thatswhy I now ordered one size down.
All other aspects - superb bike.
Regarding weight. I felt it only when I was carring it up stairs to my flat. You won´t feel it when riding. OK, no ascents in here.
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by SilentDrone

I’m probably going to order a 2018 Domane SLR 8 Disc in January. I’ve been on a couple of test rides on an SL in my size (62 H2) and on a 60 cm also, for comparison. It is a tall bike but I need that. Going down one size is fine if your goal is to reduce the stack, but then it’s a little too short in the reach for me. Going down also reduces the wheelbase. This runs counter somewhat to the endurance concept that the bike is designed around.

Speaking of the geo, I really liked the way the endurance geometry felt on my extended test ride. It’s very stable and comfortable. Like it just wants to go and go and go in a straight line, which suits my riding style very well.

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