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by Ticlimax

I'm now in the process of building up a bike with (hydro) disc brakes for the first time. There are olives and connectors, bleed blocks, funnels, funneladapters, clamping blocks, safety pins, caliper adapters, different bolt sizes for different chainstays, ...

If you have all the right things and tools, it's probably not that hard. But ordering everything correctly for the first time almost requires a guide in itself. (I've probably made every mistake you can make:)). For example I had post mount brakes on a bargain but couldn't get them to fit the flat mount frame (no room in the rear triangle for adapters), forgot to order the clamping block (and found out I need a vice to get anywhere) and the rear fixing bolts are to long for the chainstay.

Steep learning curve. (But I'll love to ride carbon without worrying about wear)

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by XCProMD

Shimano wheels with RT 900 tried on the Wilier with Record EPS.

If I have to be picky The rotors feel somewhat different on the levers both when slightly dragging or when pushing hard, but there is no shudder or rattle.

The conditions were very much like the other day, very humid weather in the valleys of Cantabria by the Atlantic coast. Some of the places are in shade all day and it rained for a couple of weeks until last one. Some of the downhills today have sections well above 10% slope.

I’m really curious now, so when back home I’ll put a spare Record I have on the Seta to see if the culprit is the frame.

I’ll keep reporting.

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by Weenie

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by UpFromOne

Huge fan of Juin Tech mechanically-actuated hydros. Best of both worlds IMO.

My disc brake rant is that hubs vary wildly in their left-side "rotor surface to axle end" distance, such that changing wheels in a disc frame never results in the new wheel's rotor sitting the same between the caliper pads.
I've had to make custom rotor shims to ensure that my gravel bike fits each of its 3 wheel sets the same within the caliper.
Oh sure, one can re-bolt the caliper every wheel change, but that's unacceptable.

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by XCProMD

I agree this whole thing of having discs on road bikes will never work until the tolerances on the offset from centre line are gotten right. As things stand today a wheel change during a race is a no-go. It’s bike change or brake rub.

Furthermore, with Shimano’s DM rear mechs getting the wheel in place can take forever.

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