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by Boshk

Just got the Pro Stealth 143 steel rail saddle.
Not a big fan but I still have 30days to return it.

I don't have that much experience with saddles, previous ones were Fizik Antares VS then Selle Italia SLR....The Selle was comfortable but just that little hard/less padding so I thought I would give the Pro Stealth a try.

I'm only 172cm, 68kg and right off the bat, I could feel how much wider they are. I tend to sit towards the aft of my Selle saddle so I did the same with the Pro, couldn't do it, it felt uncomfortable. Those with narrower sitbones may want to consider this.
It didn't feel like it was support, more of two edges/flaps protruding....hard to explain.

So I shifted forwards on the saddle/moved saddle felt better but then another 'possible' problem rose. The nose is wider, quite a lot wider actually than selle...and saddle edges doesn't have a smooth slope off, so it causes a tiny amount of rubbing.
Measuring from the nose...
nose=35mm wide
50mm back....50mm wide
100mm back...70mm wide
115mm back = 80mm wide (from the comments fitter reference point)
150mm back...120mm wide
180mm back is the widest@142mm
nose to end is 255mm

I've never noticed the saddle edges on the Fizik or Selle, I haven't done long rides on it yet but it got me thinking whether it would cause chafing of my inner thigh.

Sorry for the wall of text, if you have a chance to 'test' it, might be worth doing that first before buying....or use the 30days money back thing.
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by Weenie

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by wingguy

Yeah the Pro Stealth is monster wide at the nose. Measurement wise it has more in common with a 2 prong saddle like an Adamo than anything else. The rest of the modern snub nose road saddles like the Power, Dimension or Novus Boost are all much narrower at the front.

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by guyc

I've been trying a few saddles this last few weeks - recommended by GP after a bout of prostatitis where we established my old Antares supported pretty much my soft bits and nothing else. I moved from 142mm to wider 152/155mm as well.

So - the 155mm Power was too fixed and the nose a little pointy for me. I thought the 152mm Stealth was the one but a couple of rides it was causing a weird discomfort that I couldn't get rid of no matter where I put the saddle. The one that finally worked was the 155mm S Works Romin Evo. The right width, not as immobile as the Power and more rounded than the Stealth. 150 miles in and it's working out well.

Saddles are, quite literally, a total ballache to get right.

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