Sram Etap will there ever be an app.

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by TobinHatesYou

The dongle is primarily for firmware updates, which Apparently have not been needed since release. You can take that for what it is. The lack of firmware updates might be considered a good thing since it means there have not been any major bugs in eTap.

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by sungod


it suggests sram got it right when developing and testing

number of sram users who've had issues when doing software updates - zero

by Weenie

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by grover

I believe they're no longer shipping a dongle with groups. No future plan to utilise one.

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by sungod

tbh it wouldn't surprise me if the dongle is just a generic ant adaptor - as long as the overall protocol is secure there's no need for proprietary rf devices

though it did just occur to me that perhaps they messed up so bad that the dongle update process doesn't work and updates cannot be done anyway :D

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by kwakekeham

If you look up the FCC filing the stick has an FTDI serial usb adapter, a microcontroller and a zigbee/similar or (airea as sram calls it) ATRF231 chip. It also states explicitly on it "Firmware upgrade stick" - so seems it was really built with one and only one purpose if the name is to be believed. Also of note is the the new sram equipment for the new rumoured etap MTB lists RD = Airea, BLE, ANT+, the FD and shifters as Airea + BLE. This is similar to the SRAM setup currently where everything has an Airea transciever except the RD has an additional ANT+ only transciever. The inclusion of BLE on everything (while curently there isn't a profile for anything in BLE for shifting) is likely configurability. So probably going to get your wish. The confidentiality of one of the parts is lifted in Dec this year so it'll show pictures internal and external then, but most others are in 2019.

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