Has anyone successfully modified a saddle clamp to take oversized rails?

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by alcatraz

Hi WWs

A friend just ordered a bontrager paradigm xxx(or is it rxl) seat with carbon rails. He's currently on a metal rail bontrager seat that I am quite sure does come with oversized rails. Possibly it's a standard rail size.

Ar standard rails 7mm in diameter?

His seat mast (no seat post - trek domane) must then have a clamp that only fits regular circular rails.

Because we don't have easy access to bontrager parts wher we live (china) I was thinking to ask you if it were possible to dremel the flanges of the grooves a bit to accept an oversized rail like a 7x10?

What's your experience with this? I'd love to hear it. Thank you!


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by Vieuxchnoque

Yes, I have modified Tune seatpost using a round file. The seat carriers now fit a Tune Komfort saddle rails.

by Weenie

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by spud

this should not be a problem. In your shoes, I would scribe witness marks in the parts you wish to modify, likely cutting into material above the rail seat, and work each side alternately to ensure symmetry and adherence to size limit.

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by apctjb

I just bought a Bontrager saddle with 7x10 rails so was thinking of taking a file to enlarge the 7x9 clamps on my seatpost. Do not see any reason why it would not work...

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by apctjb

took about 10 mins with a dremel tool to enlarge the ears. Fit looks good, will see how it goes.

by Weenie

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by Wildh

I have a madone 9 and would like to run 7x9mm rails. Anyone dremeled a stock 7x7 set of ears?

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