eBay carbon saddle?

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by addictR1

Well I picked up a carbon saddle from eBay which was shipped from China for $35.

Got it today and tried to mount it only to find the rails are a bit wide. It's really stiff so was wondering if ok & safe to ride with by squeezing it a bit to fit in the clamp and tighten down?


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by uraz

Rails will pop in place after you torque the cradle bolts. It will be fine.

by Weenie

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by antonioiglesius

There seems to be some variance in the width of the top-down seatpost clamps. Saddle rails should be able to withstand some amount of bending to get them to fit.

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by stockae92

Question: the shape of the mounting and rail doesn't seems to match? Does it matter?

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by addictR1

ok i just installed it.. figured it's $35 and worth a try. the rails did pop into place.. thank you guys for the advise.

needed a different saddle to use on my indoor trainer CX bike but didn't wanna spend another $199 to get a romin evo pro.

the weight is 155g with padding, which isn't bad. the downside is the rails is pretty short in terms of adjustment (forward and backwards).

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