S-Works 7 road shoes?

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by dvq

Hopefully the heel cup is less aggressive than the S-Works 6, those are terrible.

by Weenie

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by ichobi

Or you can get the sub 6 (lace). I sold all my shoes after getting that one.

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by HaroldC

I’ve got both the 6 and sub 6 and definitely like the laces better. The laces cause the shoe to better conform to my foot and feel like a part of it. The 6 with the boas, while convenient, don’t feel as snug, even when I crank down on the boas. I’ll just get a couple of hot spots when I tighten them too much.

I’m tempted to order another pair of sub 6’s in case they won’t make a sub 7.

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by ichobi

I don't know how they can improve the sub 6. Mine has gone through all sort of conditions and still hold up extremely well. May be a replaceable heel bumper or something. I also want to get a spare one just in case. I find the lace conform to my feet better than any other kind of tightening mechanism.

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by spdntrxi

After sub6 and giro prolight techlace .. I don’t want boas
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by em3

ichobi wrote:I don't know how they can improve the sub 6.....May be a replaceable heel bumper or something.

...the current Sub 6 already has a replaceable heel pad/bumper.

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by r_mutt

Rick wrote:I discovered road-shoe-nirvana back in about 2011 with this version

So I bought a spare pair when they went on closeout sale. I would buy more just as backups. Perfect fit/no velcro.

The newer ones look nice, but why mess with perfection ?

that was the shoe that fit me best. still have a set that are busted up but still work. use them on rainy days

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by otoman

Going from Giro Empires back to BOAs. My LBS has told me that the S-works 7 shoes will be available in late March as an individual order, perhaps earlier if they do a bulk purchase. I’m in no rush, so I’m waiting on the order to come. Will post photos and weight when I get them.
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by wilwil

DCcyclist wrote:
Wed Nov 29, 2017 3:32 pm
TobinHatesYou wrote:Swear to god those tiny toebox velcro straps do absolutely nothing other than mess up the aesthetics of shoes.
+1 I own S-works shoes and I have no idea what the purpose of those velcro straps.
Yep totally agree. Mine were white and the velcro just acted as a dirt magnet

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by sun

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by dcorn

Was hoping for better color choices...

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by Shrike

478g for a size 43. Shame, would have been nice to see a modest weight reduction instead of a relatively large increase.

Hope they redo the Sub 6 now with this heel. I love my Empire SLX's, and Techlaces. Both great shoes but after getting the Sub 6's recently, I don't know how I can ever really appreciate anything the same way again. That shoe is ridiculously good. Just needs a touch more work to the heel.

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by zirxo

I really like the completely white modell. It looks really nice!
But I'm also hoping for a laced version since I've been eyeing the Sub6's for quite some time now.

by Weenie

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