Campy EPS Charger Repair

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by wjshook

Aside from me, has anyone been foolish enough to twist the D-connector on their EPS Charger and expose bare wire? Solderring the wires back on is reasonably easy, but only if one knows the pinout on the connector. The cable contains a white, blue, red and black wire. It's a 6-prong connector - pins 1 and 2 are vacant. What's the corresponding color for pins 3-6?

By the way, I've contacted Campy to find out the name of their OEM. OEMs typically publish the wiring diagrams for standard parts. The word is, Campy is the official OEM for this component. It's no wonder they command over $100 for what is effectively a $30 power adapter.

by Weenie

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by Disc0

Is this a v1 or v2/v3 charger?

If there's a way to see the pinout without messing up the cables, I'd be happy to take a look. . .

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