Ti seatpost in a Ti frame?

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by taztaylortaz

so... what is the consensus on using a Ti seatpost in a Ti frame? In this case, it's a Record Ti (vs Record Carbon) in a Serotta Legend. No aluminum or other sleeve in the seat tube so it will be a Ti/Ti fit.

I've read that there's no galvanic corrosion but there can be galling. Some say use Anti-seize, others say regular grease or copper paste(?).

I'm mostly set and forget once I have my position and since I have several bikes, the maintenance intervals can be several years for a non moving part like seat post or h-bars.

Also, is there an issue with using Ti water bottle bolts in this frame (Ti welding)?

by Weenie

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by AJS914

If you are using grease or anti-seize and not riding in the rain I doubt you will have any problems. I owned a Litespeed for 20 years and never had a problem with aluminum seatposts. I always greased them with some thick all-purpose synthetic lithium grease from the auto parts store. To be safe I'd re-grease it once a year if you ride in the rain.

Aren't Record Ti seatposts clear coated?

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by sungod

i'd use antiseize on threads

on the post, assembly paste to reduce clamping torque

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by TonyM

I have a campy Ti seatpost in my aluminum frame (with lot of grease before the winter) and after the last winter and lot of rain it has seized!

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