Saevid Alien Saddle...Reviews/Experience

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by Hex

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I've had my Saevid Alien custom ordered with no graphics for a long time now. I've always had Spesh Toupes on my other bikes and the similarity in shape made me believe the fit should work, and it did!

There is a fair bit of flex on the wings (as you'd expect), meaning that for it works just fine with me on those 4-6 hours ride. Not to say saddles with no padding don't need a little getting used to (because for me it did).

Fire away if you have any other questions!
is the saddle grippy enough? no sliding forward?
Not grippy at all, slides like crazy. Maybe one to deploy the tour de france techniques of sand paper (or maybe something less agro like sticky bar tape). Dunno, slides like cray.
Reviving this because I came in looking info about the Saevid saddle

However, on the point to reduce friction in non-padded carbon saddles:

There are non residual tapes that are used by film and photo studios which are matt and have a texture to them that will not damage bibs.

They are not cheap because of those two properties (non reside, matt) but they can be found.

by Weenie

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by Klaster_1

I've been on Alien while waiting for a warranty Lupina and had no complaints about the experience, except for shorter rails. Sliding wasn't much of an issue. Compared to a round-railed Lupina, the Alien is heavier, but the oval railed Lupina is both a couple of grams heavier and more expensive. Still, when I put the replacement Lupina on, my bottom felt at home immediately, I guess the shape suits me better.

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