Is it too late to purchase a Colnago C60?

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Is it too late to purchase a Colnago C60

Poll ended at Thu Nov 22, 2018 7:00 am

Yes, the C60 is nearing the end of its life and it is not a good time to buy
No, the C60 will be for sale at least through 2018 and it is a great time to buy
The C59 is better than the C60 because it is the last flagship Colnago with a BSA bottom bracket
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by Digger90

fromtrektocolnago wrote:
Tue Dec 19, 2017 12:56 am
Digger90 wrote:I had two C59s and rather stupidly sold them both. REALLY wish I hadn't!
i love hearing that, but can't tell you how many people i heard dissing the bike saying it wasn't stiff enough. But for the type of riding i do, i think i was meant for the extreme c
There are lots of people out there who say "this isn't stiff enough", "that isn't light enough", "the other isn't aero enough"... blah blah blah. They're nuts.

My C59s possessed, without question, the best ride quality of any bikes I've ever owned in 25+ years riding, period. I slightly preferred the way my C59's rode to the C60 (which I haven't owned, but I have ridden plenty).

Stiff? Yup.

Light? Yup.

Aero? Nope.... but seriously, who cares? I'm not interested in beating my mates by 2-5 secs over long distances.

by Weenie

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by beeatnik

C59 is not stiff. Well, it's not stiff for a modern carbon race bike. The C60 is somewhere in the middle and it's definitely more planted in the front end. That said, its ride can be vague, hollow and buzzy (kind of good, kinda). The C59 just has more of the C40 DNA but with improved power transfer that really shines in seated climbing. Short story long, I'm with Digger90, the C59 has the best ride quality of any bike I've ridden hard.

Now, if you're a bike racer, the C60 is the one to get.

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