New Rig is in. Noob Help with losing a few ounces.

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by PinaF8

If you can have someone create a saddle clamp out of cf or titanium then you will cut a good amount of weight. Btw, saddle clamp and not seatpost clamp.

EE brakes definitely will remove excess weight.

Lighter chain and lighter cassette DA 12-25 or go for Sram Red.

Speedplay pedals

Overall it will be costly.

2018 BMC SLR01

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by Lewn777

Some things I believe in, some things I don't, in terms of weight weenism.

-Alu cage bots and carbon fibre bottle cages (2g)
-Ti skewers (50-100g)
-Jagwire Elite cable housings (40g)
-cut the steerer and remove the spacers and replace alu with CF (20g)
-Bars and stem (up to 200g)
-Ti cassette lock ring (3-7g)
-Top cap (1-3g)
-Saddle (up to 200g)
-Light tires and tubes (up to 300g)
-Misc ti bolts (20-50g)

Maybe don't...
-Tires? Are they really heavy uber poor quality OEM tires? Weigh them, are there tubes or is it a tubeless Mavic setup? Match the tires and tubes to your local conditions no point going light if you constantly puncture.
-Seat post. Is it a Pinarello proprietary design? Another user might need more tube than you. Might not be worth saving weight here.
-Headset expander. If a light one is really light the clamping area might be too small and put too much stress on your steerer in a small area.

If money run - SRAM red and change the wheels.

by Weenie

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by alistaird

I know you're not keen to change the wheels - but grams for $s that might be the best option - reasonably (not ultra) light tubulars (alu not carbon) with light tyres will show good returns and will improve the quality of the ride as well IMHO.


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