Moots Mootivator vs Vamoots 2017 vs other options?

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by ihaveabikeproblem

Hi, I'm new here and would like some advice from the group. There's a Moots Mootivator locally for sale for $1500 from 2002 (Dura Ace throughout, 18 lbs with pedals). My goal is to have a Moots that weighs 15-16 lbs. Anyone know about the Mootivator? I can't seem to find much on it. Would this be worth it and update components and wheels or should I go with the current year Moots Vamoots and spend the money? Also, is $1500 the right price? The Dura Ace on it probably won't last much longer (shifters particularly). Part of the question is, how would the old Mootivator from 2002 compare with the current day Vamoots in terms of ride quality, technology, etc? I'm new to ti and Moots so would love the feedback and advice. What other options should I consider to balance weight, ride quality, and budget to get to a Moots that I would love? BTW, I do quite a bit of climbing where I live. Thank you!


by Weenie

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by AJS914

Use the wayback machine Sherman: ... road.shtml

For 2002 we have created a new model of road frame, the Mootivator. With this we now offer the VaMoots with aero seatstays only and with the traditional weld on seat post binder. On the Mootivator we use the same CWSR Pi-Tech tubesets as on the VaMoots with all the advantages of the new tubing we made for us. The geometry, design and workmanship are what you expect from the VaMoots.

It sounds like the Mootivator was a cheaper version of the Vamoots. I'd look at how much you could flip the current dura ace group for on ebay. That will tell you how much you'd be paying for the frameset so you can decide how much it's worth to you.

Having sold a couple of older Litespeeds I'd guess that this frame is worth around $700.

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