2018 S-Works Tarmac Sizing 49cm Vs 52cm

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by morganb

taodemon wrote:
Fri Aug 17, 2018 6:19 pm
I was on a 56 SL5, and moved to a 56 SL6 without realizing they had slightly altered the geometry. I guess that explains why I felt a little more skrunched and find myself trying to slide back on the seat all the time. How would I solve this, just add a slightly longer stem? Maybe drop a spacer?
I went from 52cm SL5 to 52 SL6 and even though the geo changes were subtle, I noticed them more than I thought. Strangely, despite listed seat angles, I required more setback to get the same saddle position relative to BB on the SL6. I am still running the same stem length but am planning on going 1cm longer to even though its only 5mm shorter because I feel still feel a tad cramped.

by Weenie

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by kurte28

sychen wrote:
Fri Aug 17, 2018 2:21 pm
Your measurements are similar to mine just 4 cm taller overall and justb2cm longer at Inseam. Drop and saddle height is very similar too.

I ride a 52 with 90mm stem.. I think you can get away with 52 with a longer stem.

That said.. Would depend on how your body fits the current setup. Just because you have this measurement doesn't mean you need to have it identical for the new bike... Just saying
kurte28 wrote:Hi,

nice thread. I have a question in this regard.
I don't know which frame fits better to me, 52 or 54.

Here my measurements:
Height: 174cm
Inseam: 79cm
Saddle-BB (Seat-Height): 69cm
Saddletip-Bar (Seat-Length): 53cm
Saddle-Bar (Drop): 6cm
Setback: 5,7cm

what do you think...thx
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Basically I could ride with both frames. I have calculated my seat position on the tarmac sl6 frame with -6° stem and bar with Reach 80 / Drop 130.
I could ride the 52er frame with 110mm stem with 10mm spacer (seatlength 52,8cm / Drop 6,3cm). The 54er frame I could ride with 100mm stem without spacer (seatlength 52,5cm / Drop 6cm) or alternative -10° stem with 5mm Spacer (seatlength 52,5cm / Drop 6,2cm).
Think I will take the 52er Frame, there I have 2cm more seatpost, that looks a little better I think. The driving behavior with both setups should be the same, the differences (72,5°+110mm stem / 73°+100mm stem) are small.

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by peterlee

I think, i recommend '52', good luck

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by safd009

Wondering for advice from actual Sl6 owners. I have the same issue of deciding between 49 v 52 on the SL6.

Height: 165.5 cm / 65.5 in
Inseam: 77.5 cm / 30.5
BB to Seat: 70.5 cm / 27.7 in

Thus, I'm fairly short with decent length in my legs and arms (about 5'9 wingspan). My thought with a 49 cm Sl6 is to use a slighlty longer steam, ex. 90-100mm). The current bike I have is more of an aero orientaton, so I'm somehwhat flexible. It's a 52CM frame, one in which the seat is fairly forward.

Appreciate the help!

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by sychen

Sound like you can definitely get away with a 49... a 52 will fit you too.
We have the same Inseam but I'm taller by 5cm.
Somehow your bb/seat is 2cm more than mine.. Must be thigh/shin proportions?

Mine is 52cm..and fits perfect for my longish torso, short arms with 90mm stem.
Sounds like we are complete opposites in body shape/proportions.

With the 49 you get longer seat post for better compliance and a low "pro" look since you are flexible.
Downside is increased toe overlap

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by safd009

Thanks sychen, I do wonder how flexible I need to be on the 49 though.

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by sychen

What's your stack and reach numbers on your current setup...try translating that to a 49 tarmac and see if it fits?

You shouldn't have to create a bigger drop to fit yourself. of course if you could drop more..

You might
safd009 wrote:Thanks sychen, I do wonder how flexible I need to be on the 49 though.
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by safd009

My current bike is 388CM (Reach), 522CM (Stack).

The 49CM Tarmarc is 375CM (Reach), 514CM (Stack). The Slack reduction is pretty significant but then again I'm reaching much less too.

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by IvanGT

Hello everyone,
I've been following this forum for a long time, but now I've decided to register because I have a dilemma about frame size of Tarmac SL6.
I plan to build a bike with sl6 frame (size 54/56), or canyon ultimate cf slx (size 55)
Ultimate frame in size 55 suits me great, but i like the look of sl6 more. I think it looks much sexier than ultimate.
So I am concerned that I'll be little to stretched on sl6 56, and little cramped on sl6 54.
I calculated that on the 56 frame i will have a drop of 9 cm (which suits me) with the reach of 56.3 (which is to big for me)
On the 54 frame I calculated a drop of 12 cm (which is to big for me) and the reach of 55 (which suits me)
Both with the 10 cm stem, and 3 cm of spacers total. So I don´t know with which frame to go.

These are my measurements:

Height: 183 cm = 6'0"
Inseam: 84 cm = 33"
Saddle height: 77cm = 30.3"
Ideal saddle - handlebar reach: 55 cm = 21.6"
Arm lenght: 73 cm = 28.7"
With the drop i would not want to go more then 10 cm = 3.9"
Ideal stem: 6 degree (upwards) 10 cm = 3.9"

Is there anybody with similar measurements who rides sl6 in size 54 or 56 to share their experience of how does the bike fit?

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