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by 3Pio

Js2 wrote:
Wed Dec 20, 2017 10:57 pm
speaking of which... AD4 is growing on me too!

It was actually pretty close between 54 vs 55. I'm still not 100% sure btw.

Things that made me consider 54 more:
- Aesthetics (shallow i know :P)
- I can run 120 stem on the 54 or 110 on the 55.
- Headtube Length after the external Headset

Flexibility-wise I'm pretty decent, and I could still improve if I do more yoga and stuff.
I might have to find a place to go test ride both sizes to decide. But gut feeling and heart says 54 :P
I need to decide between 53 and 54:

If i go 54:

i'll have about 11-14 mm spacers under the stem (dont know how high is headset cup). I got info that is 11mm, some other source tell me 14mm.

Calculated with 110 -7 deg stem

20 cm from top of the seattube to top of the saddle. (Selle Italia Carbonio Flow saddle)

If i go 53:

I'll have about 18-21 mm spacers under the stem (dont know hig high is headset cup).

Calculated with 120 -7 deg stem, the reach will be about 5mm longer then 54 with 110 stem (which can be probably ok since i feel my 50S with 110 a bit short, with 120 a bit long).

19 cm from top of the seattube to top of the saddle (Selle Italia Carbonio Flow saddle).

Im 42 years old, and probably will keep this bike long time..Not sure how my flexibility will be in few years :) (now it's much better then 5 years ago :) )

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