Colnago C60 winter tyres

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by plook

Can anyone recommend a set of 25mm winter or 4 season tyres that will fit the C60 frame with Bora Ultra Two carbon rims. The Continental Grand Prix 4 seasons 25mm I bought rub the underside of the front fork.

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by Johnnysmooth

I'm using Vittoria Corsa 25mm but it is a very close fit at front - honestly too close as road debris sometimes gets caught between fork and tire.

Thankfully, have another bike that I use as winter bike. May bring out C60 when warranted, likely not till Spring. Did just pick up a new set of tires for c60 the Vittoria Graphene in 23mm, will be using those next season as I just don't like the tight fit of the 25mm.
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by Weenie

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by Calnago

It’s partly the narrow rim as well creating the issue. A 25mm tubular on the older Ultra Two Boras gets “pushed up” a bit. However, the same tire on the newer Boras with a rim bed radius more suited to a 25mm tire will enable the tire to seat better and give 1.5-2mm more clearance. It was all the difference I needed to be able to run 25mm Veloflex Arrenbergs or 25mm Continental Comps in my C59 with no issues. Same as the C60 except even more clearance. Not sure if the Grand Prix sits higher than the Comp but I’m finding a 24mm tubular is ideal for the older Ultra Two Boras.
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by nismosr

I just bought a bora one 35 and waiting for the vittoria corsa graphene 25mm thats going on a c60
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by morganb

Buy a winter bike >_>

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by ddsg

It's almost a crime to ride a C60 during winter...

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by shipley

ddsg wrote:It's almost a crime to ride a C60 during winter...

Couldn’t agree more. Mine’s all tucked up for winter, as is the C59. Get yourself a winter bike to soak up the crap and you’ll be amazed at how nice the 60 feels when you get it out in April

by Weenie

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