Installing Campy EPS: what do I need?

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by TonyM


I am considering upgrading my Campy SR mech. to SR EPS V3 on my 2015 C60 (size 48S).

Here is the list of the parts I need to buy anyway I think:
- SR EPS shifters L/R
- Battery Record EPS Power Unit DTI V3
- EPS V3 Battery Charger
- EPS V3 Interface Unit

But do I need to buy also the following parts for the installation ?

- EPS Bottom bracket sleeve ... ng-p38373/
--> Do I need it when I use the Campa SR/R crankset with the UT bottom bracket?

- Cable kit for the EPS Power Unit in the seat post ... ng-p31570/

- Campagnolo UT-PU0 Internal Installation Tool for the battery;product=89365

- Campagnolo Record EPS Cable Guide Magnet Kit - UT-CG010EPS;product=80482

- Campagnolo EPS cable cutting kit ... rd-p56714/

- Campagnolo EPS power unit cable holders: ... en-p55985/

- Campagnolo Stiffness Increaser for EPS Front Derailleur:;product=58871

- Campagnolo Chaincatcher for EPS Front Derailleurs:;product=175288
Will my K-Edge still be working with the EPS FD or do I need this Campy chain catcher?

- EPS cables:
Are all the necessary EPS cables included in the parts (shifters, FD, RD, battery, V3 unit) or do I need to buy all the cables separately?

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by dkrissinger

I have a 48s C60 with SR EPS and did the install myself. You should be fine with the items on the first list, but I would consider the cable install magnet and an adapter to mount the battery into the seatpost. All the electronic cables are included with the interface, battery, shifters and derailleurs. You wont need any additional cable extensions....there will be excess that you can ziptie and shove down the seat tube. You might want to pick up some shrink wrap tubing to tidy things up around the cockpit. Other than that, you should be set.....

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by Miller

The EPS bottom bracket sleeve keeps EPS cables away from the rotating BB spindle, if a cable rested against the spindle I suppose over time friction could wear a hole in it. If your cable routing keeps the EPS cables away from the sleeve I'd suggest doing without it because if you ever need to do some follow-up EPS maintenance in the BB area the sleeve is a royal pain.

If you put the battery in the seatpost you'll need that cable kit.

The battery installation tool will be very useful if you do a seat-tube battery installation. I taped a bolt with the correct thread into a bit of bamboo cane instead (moi, cheapskate) and that does the job for me.

Cable guide magnet kit will be good for threading EPS cables through seatstays etc. I taped the EPS cable to a bit of derailleur cable for that.

EPS cable cutting kit, I had to look that one up, it for splitting connectors so not as dramatic as that translation. I use a little bit of thin card to go under one connector tab and a fingernail for the other. But be careful the connector tabs are fragile.

Stiffness increaser you could fit later if deemed necessary.

Chaincatcher, the K-Edge will work but the Campag one is really excellent - if you think you need one at all.

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by TonyM

Thanks for the feedback! :thumbup:

BB sleeve: OK understood, no sleeve if possible.
I have to find a way to attach all EPS cables around the bottom bracket area so that they don't touch the BB itself.

Battery cable: OK on the list now as I would like to have the battery in the seat post.

Battery installation tool: I suppose a DIY would be good indeed as this tool looks quite simple but quite expensive for just a one time use.

Cable guide magnet: OK on my list now.

EPS cable cutting kit:
-> Why would I need it actually? if I want to shorten the cables for example?

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by Cemicar

The BB sleeve is actually bundled in the power unit package, so you shouldn't buy it anyway.

One more thing you may need is the cable of the battery charger.; ... 1000,4,167

However I've been using a standard cable instead of the dedicated one, and no issue so far.

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by Mockenrue

I've done two V3 builds with the battery in the seat post and I didn't need any extra cables, just the seat post adapter. The magnetic cable guides (or Park equivalent) are a good idea but I don't remember buying anything else.

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by joeyb1000

You need the 31,6 seatpost installation grommet. No battery installation tool. No other battery mounting hardware. No extra cables.
You still want the B.B. sleeve. It’s the best way to keep the cables off the B.B. axle.
I like the FD-SR003 chain catcher. No stiffener is needed.
It’s difficult to get the rear derailleur wire in without the magnet tool. Borrow one if you can. You will only need it once.
I put foam surgical hose around the wire from the B.B. to the headtube to stop the noise over bumps.
Many of us needed a dremel tool to clean out the hole for the interface wire on the C60. A small round file will do.
There is no such thing as shortening the cables.

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by Miller

TonyM wrote:EPS cable cutting kit:
-> Why would I need it actually? if I want to shorten the cables for example?

No no, it doesn't cut the cable! That would be drastic. It's a tool to assist in splitting apart the male/female connection plugs.

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