Ultegra 6770 Di2 Auto-trim?

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by Staffan

First post.. Bought a Focus Cayo from 2015 and it's equipped with Ultegra 6770 Di2 system. Battery is in the seatpost.
Can you update the system firmware to make the front derailleur to auto-trim?

by Weenie

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by MayhemSWE

Auto-trim has been enabled since the very first commercially released Di2 groupset way back with Dura-Ace 7970. If your Ultegra 6770 front derailleur does not auto-trim to eliminate chain rub then something is broken or not set up correctly.

If what you're really asking about is syncroshift, where you only need to worry about shifting up/down and the groupset itself works out when it's appropriate to shift the front derailleur, then no you can't update Ultegra 6770 to get that feature.

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by IrrelevantD

Not 100% on the 6770 as I have the 6870 and there may be some differences. You should see the FD trim as you shift through the range of the RD.

I don't know if this works on the 6770, but on the 6870 you CAN adjust the trim on the FD by cross chaining, at which point you can adjust the FD trim in the same way you would adjust the RD trim. This only works when you are cross chain, and I know it works Big Ring/Big Cog, not sure if it works small/small.

I had to adjust my inside trim on my bike to bring the cage closer to the big ring as I have oval rings and my chain was dropping down to the small ring occasionally on the largest 3 cogs. Only reason I know about this little known feature.
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by Discodan

Yes on the 6770 you will see the FD trim slightly as you move the RD across the block. Is that what you're talking about wanting?

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by glepore

6770 has auto trim. You cannot electronically adjust the limits. 6870 and up you can adjust limits.
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