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by bennybikes

i have a pair of veloflex "open tubulars", can i safely use these tires on Clincher rims?

by Weenie

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by Calnago

“Open Tubulars” is just a fancy name for clinchers. But the name implies a higher quality of construction and casings etc that are similar to their tubulars. So call it marketing.
The answer is yes, you can use them on clincher rims since those are the only rims they will go on.
One caveat, Veloflex clinchers seem to be prone to cutting at the bead area if used with certain carbon rims which have a rather sharp edge. They warn about using their clinchers with carbon rims. As does Continental. I know that Veloflex clinchers have not fared so well with Vision carbon rims for example. So if you’re using them with carbon rims, just try to make sure there are no sharp edges at the bead.
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by bennybikes

thank you!

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by TonyM

My Veloflex clinchers (23 and 25mm) work perfectly with my LW Meilenstein and with my Bora One and Bora Ultra.
A top combo, especially if paired with latex tubes, IMHO.

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by vanillaflyweight

Does anyone have a comparison photo/diagram of what a "sharp" bead is compared to a "normal" bead?

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