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by diegogarcia

Hi there,

I am looking at a S5 as a new bike second machine as there are some nice deals about. However, I note it is BB right and would remove the stock chainset to retro fit a Rotor 24mm cup to run my P2M 24mm chainset. As such, is there a second hand market for me to sell my BBright chainset on and claw back a few bob as redundant off the bike. Does BB right work with anything other than a Cervelo frame ?

Thanks in advance, this is one question I am unsure of.


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by Delorre

Factor also uses BBright, but i'm not aware of others, although I suppose they exist...

by Weenie

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by diegogarcia

OK thanks. If anyone knows let us know.

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by morganb

They also work on BB30/PF30 bikes with a NDS spacer.

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by jeffy

look up Hambini BB on youtube. Looks like a great solution for what you need, indeed his original BB was for his S5 for Shimano 24mm cranks.

by Weenie

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by 1415chris

What is the stock chainset?
The good chance is it's Rotor 3D 30. If so, this crank can be fitted to almost every bb system.
Good quality crank. You shouldn't have any problems with selling it.

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