Any differences between Campy SR 2015 vs. 2017 ?

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by jma6610

I'm comparing prices and finding some listings for the 2015 version of the Campy SR group. I know there were major changes from 2014 to 2015, but are there any changes from 2015 to 2017?



by Weenie

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by Zakalwe

No major difference I’m aware of, but there’s usually continual manufacturing tweaks and improvements throughout production. Pretty sure that any listing that says it’s 2015 version will have been manufactured more recently than that, simply that 2015 was the last major revision hence the reference.

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by creed444

crank arm 5 to 4 ?

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by 964Cup

creed444 wrote:crank arm 5 to 4 ?

No, that's '14 to '15, which also changed the gearchange pull ratio meaning that pre- and post-15 components don't work together.

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by jma6610

Thanks everyone. It sounds like there is no difference (the 4 arm spider definitely started in 2015 as did the newer cable-pulls - found that out the hard way when I tried to fit a replacement 2016 DR RD on a 2013 group), but also worth asking whether the ad was simply stating the 2015 major revision and it's really a newer manufacture - especially since I'm looking at a regular (but on-line) source from a major supplier.


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by bikerjulio

@zak makes a good point.

Back before 2009, Campy published detailed parts lists, so it was possible to identify some running changes. This all went "dark" in 2009 but we know for sure that Campy has made unannounced running changes since then.

Whether or not there's any difference between a 2015 shifter for instance and one made today, I have no clue, but it would not surprise me.

To add to the Campy mystique is the puzzle of identifying the build date. The boxes may have a variety of numbers but I've never seen an explanation as to whether or not the date can be decoded.

It might be worth asking the vendor what they mean by "2015"? Literally or typewise?
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