9000 left arm on 9100 crankset??

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by Delorre

On the new 9100 equiped bike to be delivered, I would like to use my 'old' 9000 stages left crankarm. The look doesn't really match, but as temporarily setup, does it technically work? I guess so, as you could use a 105 stages arm on a 9000 crankset according to Stages.

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by Delorre

And instead of opening a new tread, I can ask here, as it's related : would you choose Stages again (I've been very, very pleased with it, in all regards) or go 4iiii. The latter is lighter, supposedly more accurate but only has 100 hours battery life vs 200 hours for Stages. @ 15 hours/week, this a not an un-important thing to keep in mind... Any user experience here with 4iii!?

by Weenie

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by steelbikerider

Yes, you can. I'm using a 7900 left arm on my 9000 crank. All 7800, 7900, 9000 and 9100 crank arms(not chainrings) are compatible. Ultegra and 105 are supposed to be but I have no personal experience.

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by MomentumR5

Can of BLK gloss paint and tape of the PM. BAM! Done.

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by Delorre

Would the use of heat shrink on the left arm have a effect on power readings? Using this woud a) protect the crank from shoe rubbing and b) give the crank a stealth look. But I'm afraid this will have a slight effect on the bending behiour of the crank, or am I too concerned?

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by eric01

Too concerned. I doubt anyone would really notice
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by ms6073

Delorre wrote:Using this woud a) protect the crank from shoe rubbing

Might I suggest Crank Skins Black 3M Carbon Wrap, alternately, 3M colored protective tape?
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by oreoboreo

Thanks all... I was wondering the same thing as a upgrade is in the works

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by LouisN

I'm using a 9000 left arm with 4iiii Precision PM. I use it with the 9000 crankset on my road bike, and a 7800 crankset on my CX bike.
Absolutely no issues ( bought and installed last winter).
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by dmulligan

I use a 5700 105 crank arm on my 6800 Ultegra crank. The look doesn't quite match but nobody has noticed yet and I've been riding this way for over 3 years.


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by Philbar72

al of the 5700 onwards and upwards are fine with all the others in the range... they do look a bit odd but hey ho...

by Weenie

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