Campy EPS ergo shifter

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by Bourquek

Hi guys, can someone please tell me the type of wrench I need to tighten an EPS ergo shifter?? Mine keeps sliding downwards on my aluminum bars!

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by Weenie

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by tommasini

Mechanical and EPS are both a T25 Torx nut. Best done with a t handle style.

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by solarider

From my experience even tightening them very snug they can still slip on certain bars if the diameter/bend is not just so. I have had to shim the clamp with a few strips cut from a drinks can (coca cola seemed to work for me!). Not something I have had to do on the same bars with SRAM or Shimano, so there must be something a little bit esoteric about the Campagnolo Ergopwer shape at the bar. Worked perfectly after that without risk of stripping the bolt.

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by avispa

I don't think your problem is with the EPS Shifter! Your problem may be with the handlebars you use. I was helping a friend that has SRAM eTap and the same kept happening to him. He has an FSA bar... I forget model now!

The problem is that some handlebars are thinner in the curve than some shifters will tighten to. The way we resolved this was by inserting a small piece of tin (a shim) from a beer can on each of the lever rings. It's tight and snug... But if you are a big guy and likes to hold on to your levers hard, I'd consider looking into a handlebar that has wider area in the curves.


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