Ticking noise on C60?

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by wilwil

I have a ticking noise every crank revolution when my right foot is at 1-2 o'clock. Could this be the Campy BB cups or do they make more of a creaking sound? It was worse when I started the ride but now its not going away. It wasn't there for a few months after the bike was built, its something that has developed. Any ideas?

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by wedgie

More likely to be the ultra torque bearings moving in the cups. I've had the same problem. Removing the crankset and re-greasing the bearing-cup interface helps for a few hundred kms but the noise will come back.

by Weenie

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by Mockenrue

I had this for a while. Doing the above plus applying a little grease to the hirth joint teeth and crank bolt threads stopped it.

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by Zakalwe

Grease your cleats

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by wobbly

Saddle rails or seat post ??

lone wheeler
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by lone wheeler

Had same thing on my C60, thought it was the BB. Changed wheels and it went away so put the original wheels back in (lightweights) after putting a little grease on the skewers and it went away.

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by Imaking20

Had this on my white C60. It was reproducible after two different bearing cups (installed with loctite) and in the stand with no wheels installed. I blame threadfit or the Campy crank. Running a THM crank on my blue bike with no issues (and same skewers).
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by micky

As others are suggesting, start from simple things like swapping skewers, wheels, using some WD40 or similar on all bolts/nuts, and so on.

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by Alexandrumarian

Chainring bolts can make ticks/creaks too...

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by wilwil

Ive checked skewers and mech hanger. The BB cups are greased. will check chain ring bolts...

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by jmagoulas

Also had the same issue on my C60. Would grease the cups and would go away for a bit. Some anodizing rubbed off on the inside, driveside cups so I thought to swap out with some new cups. Has been dead silent for 500+ blissful miles.

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by mfin

Crank flicking the cable of the FD?

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by vanillaflyweight

I've had a similar thing happen once before. Turned out one of the chain ring bolts had come loose and was hitting the frame (hence once per revolution) By the time i had found the issue the gel coat had worn away. Could have been much worse though.

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by shipley

My look pedals caused mine......fixed by greasing the axels.

by Weenie

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by ipenguinking

Fixed the ticking noise on my C60 yesterday by lubing chainring bolts before torquing to Shimano's spec. All chainring bolts are either lose or dry on my 2-month old Pioneer PM. That's bad QC for Pioneer.

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