Campagnolo ultra torque BB86 cup press alternatives

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by tommasini

Before I spring for the Campagnolo BB-UT240 press for their press fit cups, I wanted to ask what good alternatives any others have found. For years I'd successfully used a threaded rod with thick bronze disks on each end (hardware store items) that nicely matted to 1" pressed-in (old school) headsets. (1st picture) The brass pieces have almost zero play in relation to the threaded shaft. They pressed against an internal shoulder of the headset cups - not against the outermost exterior shell. Digging through my older parts I found some 3T threadless stem spacers with a 1" ID (mates to the brass pieces) and 35.5mm OD (see 2nd picture). It appears to me that the OD is nearly good enough for what is needed for pressing against the inside of the Campy BB86 cups.........or maybe perhaps it needs to be 36 to about 36.5mm.......First question is if someone having the BB-UT240 tool could you measure the OD of the 2 cylindrical disks that then fit into the UT cups?

Second, has anyone found a nice workable alternative approach with parts that are easy to source - for instance Cyclus makes UT/Powertorque disks (Bike24 carries them) but the diameters listed don't seem right - they list 23.9mm and 30mm....if they were 31mm then they'd rest on the innermost edge where the removable seal goes - but even that doesn't seem right.; ... 00,185,191 I would try to use these with my threaded rod approach.

Don't get me wrong, I like nice tools - worth taking a chance on my new frames - no I won't. But if something like those Cyclus disks work I'd consider it. (P.S. Except for facing BB shells, I prefer to do all my work myself......and even if I didn't in this case no local shops have the proper tool either - they just make do with a headset press against the outer faces of the cups).

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by Alexandrumarian

I have the cyclus discs. I only bought their spindle too because i didn't have time to hunt for a suitable bolt in the local hw stores.

The narrow part does get inside and probably presses on the seals. At first i was wondering if i should take them out but they were not easy to pull. In a split second i decided wth i'll leave them there. Pressed the thing in and so far it seems fine...

by Weenie

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by Valbrona

Do the Park BB86 press rings work with these cups? Or maybe just a flat-faced press?

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