Frame size comparison Evo Vs Synapse

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by ukracer

Hi currently have an Evo and Caad10 both in a 58cm which I'm happy with the fit with 120 stem

Thinking of a Synapse disc but wanted to ask someone who understands frame geometry if I still then go for a 58 cm Synapse .

Any advice please ?

by Weenie

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by vejnemojnen

get a -17degree stem (uno ... 0005.m1851 )

to compensate for the longer head tube..

try this app to match the setups. 120mm -6 compared to 120mm -17

the latter will end up with 23mm lower stack, so, it will compensate the longer head tube of the synapse.

Dan Gerous
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by Dan Gerous

I have a Evo and a Synapse Disc (not the new 2018 Synapse though) and both are 54 and I think it makes sense to stay in the same sizes, reach and horizontal top tubes are close, a bit shorter on the Synapse but as vejnemojnen stated, the big difference is the higher front end of the Synapse. If you want to have a very similar fit, you should be fine if your Evo has some amount of headset spacers under the stem, you would end up with less on the Synapse... and maybe use a 130mm stem. If your stem is slammed or almost slammed on your Evo, yeah a stem with a bigger angle might be needed.

In my case, I can have the exact same fit on my Synapse as my Evo with less spacers and a 10mm longer stem... But I don't use the two bikes for the same things so my Evo has a slightly longer and lower fit with narrower bars while I use my Synapse with slightly wider bars set more upright and with 32mm tires, it's my gravel/exploration bike while the Evo is my go fast bike.

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by ukracer

Cheers gents ,
Thanks for taking the time to reply

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