Which (disc) bike would you choose?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by Discodan

Regarding the title of the thread; after finally settling on the Aeroad Disc I've now been thrown a curveball by the arrival of the Bianchi Aria Disc

Logic would say stick with the Canyon as it's a known a refined package and certainly lighter at about 7.5 depending on build. There's no published weights on the Aria yet but based on the rim brake version (8kg for 105 spec) I'd be expecting about 8.3-8.5 for an Ultegra spec disc bike and high 7's for a good etap build

Interestingly the costs seem about the same which I did not expect, here in Australia the bare canyon frame is $4,000 but the whole Aria rim brake model with a Campag Centaur groupo is AUD4,500 which is pretty cheap for Aus. No pricing yet on the disk frame but say if the whole bike is $5,500 I'd buy the basic model and strip off the parts and upgrade to etap HRD, new cockpit, and some good wheels.

Visually they're quite similar but I have a soft spot for Bianchi's so it wins that contest. I'd be very tempted to splurge on a custom paint job to mimic the Pantani Specialissima as I have a steel Bianchi in the same original colour scheme, it would be kind of cool to have them both in the shed.

So; the head or the heart? The canyon is all likelyhood a better bike and certainly lighter. The Bianchi is, well, a Bianchi and would be a bit more compromised but oh so italian. At this stage I think I'm leaning to the Aria but I'd love to hear your views

https://www.bianchistore.de/en/bianchi- ... range-2018
https://www.canyon.com/en-au/road/aeroa ... c-8-0.html

by Weenie

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by TobinHatesYou

The Aria is an entry-level, heavy frame marketed as a one-bike for racing/TT. It’s the kind of bike that drags name like Bianchi down closer to the likes of my Trek and farther away from the truly boutique like Sarto.

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by phm8147

I'm using roadmachine01 and it is very nice bicycle.
And I'm waiting for my f10 disk. I ordered it a month ago..

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by spdntrxi

Madone disc ...

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by phm8147

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