Which (disc) bike would you choose?

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by TonyM

Which bike among the 3 following bikes (my Top3 list for my next bike) would you choose and why? Or which one would you discard and why?

- Scott Foil Disc Premium: good reviews, aero, stiff, comfortable but the cables are visible

- BMC Teammachine SLR01 Disc Team: good reviews, stiff, comfortable, all cables integrated but not aero

- Wilier Cento10 Air Disc: aero, no reviews yet, all cables integrated
However w/o the yellow stem/ Handlebar combo as it is not available in 110/40 but replaced with a Wilier stem/handlebar with all cables integrated also.

I will have the bike (size S or 51) build with DA9170 and wheels in 50 or 60 mm (DT Swiss ARC or Shimano DA)

My usual bike ride is 120-160 km (1000-1700m elevation), so mainly flat with some short hills.




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by nemeseri

Out of the three, I'd pick the BMC for sure.

Although based on your usual bike rides I wouldn't bother with disc brakes, but it's a completely different discussion. ;)

by Weenie

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by djgarrett21

For mostly flats I'd go for aero, probably the Scott. The new Propel is a good choice as well.

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by kgt

Manufacturing quality is similar in all three. BMC and Wilier look much better than Scott IMO. I would go for the Wilier, it is more rare and my guess is that it will look better than BMC in small.

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by stax

Based solely on looks, I’d get the Wilier. I look at that bike and want to get out on it. The colour you posted and the ramato are just stunning. And going aero makes sense given the type of rides you do.

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by Cheers!


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by hannawald

It depends if it is a significant amount of money for you:) if not, i would go for Scott, it is really a proven outstanding bike, i tried it with rim brakes and the willingness to accelerate was fantastic.

if it is a big money for you, i would wait for something where you don't have to ask others, because you know itis the special one for you:)

btw willier looks really nice, but unless i try i would prefer Scott which plays the first league for sure. BMC not that aero.

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by Squashednuts

+1 for Scott

It's aero enough...

I've owned rim brake versions 2012 Foil & loved it
A BMC TimeMachine, preferred the Scott

Both very well made.

Choosing between these 3 is an enviable dilemma :D

I'm riding a disc Izalco Max, it's my favourite bike...maybe as it's the one I own.

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by Renne

For me personally, if all three are about the same price, it would have to be the Wilier. It combines the slightly more classic look that you find in the BMC with a more aero focus you find in the Scott. It also has the clean front end the BMC has but is a little more rare than the BMC or the Scott (at least around here).
Weight wise the Wilier and Scott should be in the same range, with the BMC being a good 150 grams lighter. In the configuration you propose, and in your size, I think it should be possible to get all three bikes in around the 7-7,5kg mark. But you say your rides are mostly flat so a maximum of 200gr isn't going to make much difference.
For what it's worth, I like the look of the Wilier most. But you really have to look at geometry, price and service also.

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by Drizzle

I'm looking at the same bikes.. (except wilier). But i'm going to wait for the new Tarmac disc I guess.. If the Tarmac disc is not announced before the end of feb/2018 I will go for the Scott Foil disc!

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by wheelsONfire

Why did you pick these 3 only?

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by TobinHatesYou

Oh those three, I would choose the Scott.

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by fromtrektocolnago

I'd probably go with two options not listed, either the c-60 because i like their hex-lock system or a firefly because i like the treatment they do on disc and view it as far nicer than what the standard manufacturers are putting out.
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by 53x12

wheelsONfire wrote:Why did you pick these 3 only?

Why does it matter? The OP narrowed it down to these three. Whether it is because these are the three brands his favorite shop carries. Or these are the three he can get the best deal on. Or maybe he just likes these three the best. Why does it matter and how does that change the forum giving him advice? Guess what, it doesn't. Him picking these three is immaterial to him asking for advice between these three.
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by Seedster

I would go for the BMC.

by Weenie

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