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by BDP

Looking to buy a frame for a lightweight/aero build. I want to do sort of an aero price and weight cost benefit analysis but it's hard to find weights for frames except for a few places. I am looking to get a top end frame and don't have a budget per say but spending less money is a good.

Is there some sore of master list of frame and fork weights? I've searched but couldn't find any. I've seen something similar for carbon wheels.

Also what frame would you get for an all around road bike (racing, climbing, long rides, commuting, and whatever else on the road)

by Weenie

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by L3X

You won't find such a list online. Frame/fork combo weights vary a lot between sizes and even within sizes.

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by prendrefeu

The best approach would be in this order:

1. Make a list of frame sets you can afford within your budget
2. Narrow down that list to frame sets which have the ideal geometry for your fit.
3. Look up / Google image search / for [xxx weight]... and cross your fingers that someone posted a photo of your frame / fork set on a scale. If it happens to be the size you're after, congratulations! If it is not, you can guess ± the weight for the frame size you are after

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