Bike shop assembly estimate?

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by TonyM

RussellS wrote:Agree with the other post. $20 for installing tape, and removing old tape, is not outrageous. In the USA anyway. Figure the employees are paid $25,000 per year salary, hourly. That is about $12 per hour for them to be in the shop. The shop has to cover its operating costs, utilities, property taxes. So add on 100% mark up to labor. Now at $24 per hour. Figure it took half hour to do the entire job if he was quick and that was his only job going. You were charged $20 for the half hour job. Charged $40 per hour basically. $40 minus $24 labor and operating costs leaves $16 per hour for profit and state income tax. Net of $12 for the shop owner. $12 per hour profit? You can live on it, but not too high on the hog.


However only if the employees are nearly fully booked. Otherwise the shop owner could or should try to get more people having their bikes serviced and then make a good price for the new customers. At the end it depends on the shop owner how he is running his business in order to get his profit.

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by wheelbuilder

A meticulously done frame up build from a high end road shop like mine (or used to be a high end road shop, anyway), runs 250-275 in the San Francisco/Marin area. There is a big difference between your average run of the mill LBS with grungy young mechanics who may or may not know what they are doing, and thoughtful detail oriented builds from a roadie shop. Ours would generally have a couple of carefully curated wheel builds tacked on as well. Of course at a substantial premium. There are plenty of customers out there for these types of builds if you are in the right geographical area.

by Weenie

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by pmf

I live in the Washington DC area where everything costs twice as much as it should. My bike shop charges $250. I bring in everything and pay them to build it. I suppose I could try doing it myself, but I'm short on time and they do a really nice job. Plus the mechanics there are nice people, so its a way to throw some money at the shop. They sell Trek, Specialized and increasingly electric bikes. No interested in the bikes they sell.

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by mvcap

Great input, thank you all for posting your experiences. Wide range of prices but could be a get what you pay for situation for me. Thanks!

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