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by morganb

Are there any thread together options that will work for BBRight? Using 3D+ cranks. All of them seem to be PF30 and I imagine wouldn't work as intended in a wider shell. The Rotor BB in my S3 is creaking badly and always felt bound up from the beginning.

by Weenie

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by bikerjulio

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by morganb

Thank much, I already have the Wheels BB tool so this is doubly good.

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by dlud

I use the Wheels Mfg screw together bb on my Cervelo P5 with a Rotor 3D+. Love it. Easy to install and so far it has resolved the bearing issues that I had with the pressfit bb.

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by audiophilitis

These are BBRight spec and thread together. Not sure if they work with 3D cranks but worth looking into.

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by Stueys

Not thread together but I put a cbear bb in my r5 after struggling with the rotor ones and it’s been absolutely rock solid

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by hodag1977

SMITHERS wrote:This should work for you as well: ... 5-bearings

I have this same BB on my Cervelo R3 and it's been great. Nice thing about the xd-15 is it's easy to remove the ball bearings from the cups, clean, and lubricate - in my opinion, this is by far the biggest cause of noisy bottom brackets, i.e. dirty, wet, unlubricated bearings. I also wrap some teflon tape around the cups, along with some Morgan Blue Aquaproof Paste. The Enduro website/Youtube channel has a video on removing and cleaning the bearings on an xd-15 BB.

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by stevod

I'm using the Wheels BBright BB: ... black.html

No problems at all.


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by kzy090

Rotor and Enduro have those, too.

by Weenie

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