What do you pack in your saddle bag?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.

What do you pack in your saddle bag?

1x spare tube
2x spare tube
1x CO2 cartridge
2x CO2 cartridges
Compact CO2 inflator
CO2 inflator with valve control
Tire lever
Compact multitool with <10 tools
Multitool with >10 tools and chain tool
Patch kit
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by survivor

What do you pack in your saddle bag? What would be your selection criteria for the ultimate saddle bag?

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by alcatraz

Just a micro pump, tiny patch kit and one spare tube.

Few extras for me:

Some spare sealing tape for the threads of my valve extenders.

A thin tube or stick to deflate a tire with the valve extender on. (In case I got a slow leak.)

Some string in case I break an alloy spoke nipple I can tie the spoke together with another.

On especially long rides I take another spare tube.

All of this goes in a tiny bag in my pocket with the phone inside. No saddle bag here. I don't even use a bottle cage. I got a large but light 1L bottle in my middle pocket. Aero and light. If it's not crazy hot I have a drinking range of 100km, and eating up to 200km.

Side pocket for snacks. Other side for phone/tools.


by Weenie

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by TonyM

Small saddle bag: Tube patch kit, tire patch kit, spare tub, CO2 cartridge, mini tools.

Jersey pockets: phone, money, mini pump, granula bars and second spare tube for longer rides or rainy rides.

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by KCookie

Everything i need goes in my jersey. Spare tyre and phone in my right pocket. The pouch goes in the center and food in my left pocket. I do own bags but wouldn't use them. The pouch and zip bag is certainly lighter than the bags.

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by gtv18

KCookie wrote:Everything i need goes in my jersey...

I use a very similar setup:

Spare Tyre (tubular) & Co2 inflator in a pouch in middle pocket, phone, cash & credit card in left pocket, food & gels in right pocket.

Saddle bag not necessary...
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by evan326

Tire levers, multi tool, tire boot, tube patches, spare tube

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by Johnnysmooth

I keep it simple, only other thing I add beyond usual, some duct tape wrapped around a pencil stub - saved my butt more than a few times
It only hurts if you think.

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by alcatraz

Johnnysmooth wrote:I keep it simple, only other thing I add beyond usual, some duct tape wrapped around a pencil stub - saved my butt more than a few times

What do you use the duct tape for? I can only guess to tape the inside of a damage tire casing?


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by glam2deaf

Specialized road bandit for me (tube, lever, co2, inflator)

Multitool in the back pocket.

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by DeLuz

Hydrocortisone 5 mg

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by exFictitiouZ

2 spare tubes, 2 tyre levers, 1 multi-tool, 1 pair of nitrile gloves (for fixing anything chain-related), and 1 zip lock plastic bag (for my mobile phone in case it rains)

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by DamonRinard

In the saddle bag:
- 2 tubes (I've used both tubes on a single ride several times over the decades I've been riding)
- 2 CO2
- 1 compact CO2 inflator
- 1 small multitool
- 1 $20 bill
No tire levers: I know I can take my tires off my rims (I understand not everyone's tire/rim combination is easy)

Jersey pockets: Often empty.
- No keys: If I ride from home I don't need keys because the house locks with a combination. Only occasionally I carry the remote for the car if I drive to the ride.
- No phone: I rode for decades without one. I bring my phone if I expect to stop for photos.
- No food: Instead, I mix energy drink in the bottles. If the ride is long enough the group usually stops and I can buy some food.

Sometimes in jersey pockets:
- A baby wipe in case nature calls for #2
- Clothing I take off as the ride warms up: jacket, knee warmers, arm warmers.
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by wicz

Hate using my pockets for tools. Need that space for vest/jacket, food, and phone.

Like being prepared for everything these days. Always carry 2x tubes, tire levers, park tools ib-2, and a patch kit. lezyne pump on the seat tube.

Using the orucase saddle roll now and liking it. Uses a ski strap which is by far the best single strap attachment system I've come across.

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by glepore

Kind brownies, from Floyd's...
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by uraqt

by Weenie

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