Best shoe dryer with UV light for cycling shoes??

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by pnwcyclistwife

Can anyone recommend a great shoe dryer with UV light? My husband is a hard core road cyclist, we live in the Pacific Northwest (USA) so he rides a LOT in the rain. I'd like to get him a shoe dryer with UV light for Xmas but have no idea what brand/model is best. There are days when the rain sneaks past the shoe covers and he winds up with wet shoes. Any recommendations would be really appreciated! Thanks!

by Weenie

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by TonyM

Subscribed as I also need a pair!
Unfortunately the one I saw on Amazon don't have great reviews.

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by havana

I use SIDAS dryers. I bought them for skiing, but they work great on cycling shoes

USA: ... +drywarmer

Europe: ... roger.html
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by jfranci3

There probably is no best. Bikes shoes are no different than other shoes, UV light is UV light, heat is heat, and air flow is air flow. Aside from the insoles, Cycling shoes don't have any/much foam to worry about, just glue and solid materials. Maybe a second set of shoes (with a different theme (lighter, more stylish, more off-roady) than the first) or insoles to let the first set really dry off. Or just a bottle of anti-fungal/anti-mildew spray.

A few thoughts though 1) don't go for ultimate heat, the shoes have a lot of glue, so heat fine, too much heat bad. Airflow in all directions is more important, you don't need ultimate blowing power. 2) If the soles are Carbon Fiber or have resin/epoxy, you won't want to use UV light on exposed Carbon Fiber - it will color it turn it a milky/amber color. Not a huge deal, but if he takes the insoles out, it will be noticeable after some time (year+ in constant light).

$7 on amazon maybe a timer and shelf/bin/basket too. Maybe there's a wall mountable one, more posts for gloves, or one with a timer built in

Maybe a good looking rain cap to keep the rain out from between his forehead and glasses. Non-insulated Nylon type breathable material, not wool or cotton. It's the pacific NW, so he won't wear it. ... -not-using

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by Mr.Gib

Yes, as above - two pair of shoes, one to wear while the other is drying. The only way to roll.

Also Velotoze will keep your feet and shoes dry.
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by bremerradkurier

Stuff wadded up newspaper in the shoes after you take the insoles out.

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by BdaGhisallo

bremerradkurier wrote:Stuff wadded up newspaper in the shoes after you take the insoles out.

This is the secret. This will get a majority of the water out very quickly (I leave it in for about an hour or two) and then put your shoes on a boot dryer like this one ... UTF8&psc=1 I stack the insoles on top of the shoes on the boot dryer since the hot air seeping out of the shoes will dry the insoles out as it rises.

Since I have had this boot dryer, I have never had to start a ride with shoes that were still wet or damp from the previous day's ride. Using this method, my shoes are always dry and ready to go the following morning. And it works on other shoes too!

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by antonioiglesius

When it's cold, my radiator's on and I put my wet shoes on a rack above that. Also, stuff with newspapers. Pretty much dries out by the morning. I guess old newspapers don't really make a good Xmas gift though :D

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by DurianGrey

guys i'm pretty sure people in the PNW know about putting newspaper in shoes

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I use the Shamwow in each of my shoes.

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by maxxevv

UV isn't the best for shoes in the long term as highlighted already. Unless the wearer already has fungi/bacterial issues on the feet to begin with.

Under normal circumstances, I would suggest just an air blower without the UV.

by Weenie

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by uraqt

I just spent my "lunch" looking at options.. and saw these

Thinking I can make my own ..... my amazon wish list is full of usb fans, iphone battery packs and silica gel.

Was thinking 2 fans per shoe and silica gel bags with the fan pulling the wet air through the silica gel bags.

I am 100% sure you don't need the UV light part.. I would also recommend a second pair of winter boots... ... /zero-gore


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