Tubular vs Tubeless?

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by JimV

Thinking of going back to tubular's for all of my wheels after 20+ years. Anyone else out there not impressed with tubeless?

Ever since Vittoria first came out with there "Open tires" I switched. Spending $$$$ for race only wheels never sounded like a good idea. The "opens" rode like tubulars and I could ride them all of the time. Vittoria, Challenge or Veloflex all ride great. I now have two sets of tubeless wheels for the gravel bike and am not impressed. Zipp 30's with Vittoria cross tires and Zipp 303's with Hutchinson's 28mm road. The idea of changing a un-sealable flat in the cold on either wheel is not something I would like. I train on Vittoria Pave 27 most of the year and switch to Panaracer gravel kings for January and February, Chi-town.

If you are going to use sealant as flat fix what is the difference if you are riding tubeless or tubulars. I have heard from many people about how good the new tapes are, Effetto Mariposa Crogna. And if I am going to carry around a sealant reflation can, why not go with the lighter wheel package.

Not interested in cost. Not doing Dirty Kanza kind of adventure racing.

All but one of the flats I have had this year and for the past several years would have been fixed by sealant, going by the claims.

Yes, I could ride Gravel kings or some other crap riding tire and never have a ride ending with a phone call tire failure.

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by TobinHatesYou

The only time I've gotten an unsealable, unrepairable flat with tubelss is when I ran over a huge screw...like 5-6mm wide. It perforated the top of the tire, gouged my tire bed and exited the tire sidewall.

Just my opinion, but tubeless really is "all that." I carry tiny mini-pump and a DynaPlug Racer for difficult punctures. I haven't had to use it yet. The vast majority of my tubeless punctures occur without me realizing until after my ride. Almost all tubeless issues I've come across end up being user error or poor product choices. Stan's SUCKS for road pressures. Orange Seal is simply the best all-around sealant. It lasts longer before drying, isn't as messy, and seals better. Some tires seal better than others. As good as my Schwalbe Pro Ones have been, their lack of a butyl inner liner makes them puncture prone. They still seal, but my current Zipp Tangente Speed RT25s have not had a single puncture in 800mi on rough Bay Area roads.

Why would I carry sealant on a ride? Who does that?

I wouldn't ever think of running tubulars here in the SF Bay. Too much glass, too much effort, and they have worse rolling resistance.

by Weenie

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by boysa

TobinHatesYou wrote:Just my opinion, but tubeless really is "all that."

TobinHatesYou wrote:The vast majority of my tubeless punctures occur without me realizing until after my ride.

TobinHatesYou wrote:Orange Seal is simply the best all-around sealant.

Agree with all these statements. I'll add I feel Schwalbe kind of suck, and I've been much more impressed with IRC's offerings.
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