Highly flared, stiff sprinter handlebars

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by WonderSausage

I'm a puncheur and I'm tired of bruising my forearms on the handlebars on uphill sprints, which are kind of my specialty.

So I'm looking for some bars that are quite flared so I don't contact the upper part, but they need to be quite stiff since I'm a 78 kilo high-torque rider with 44cm width. I generally use sprint specific bars like Pro Vibe Sprint, and the Zipp SL Sprint stems.

Suggestions appreciated! Extra points for bars with Di2 bar-end junction box compatibility.

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by Samklee15

New Enve aero bars?

by Weenie

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by WonderSausage

Those ENVEs do look intriguing but they aren't compatible with the Shimano or Zipp sprint stems. Hmm, trade-offs...

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by wheelsONfire

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I assume you would prefer alubars?

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by 11.4

First of all, those "sprint" branded bars aren't necessarily any stiffer than others. It's just marketing.

Second, the quickest way to increase stiffness and also address the forearm problem is to get into a narrower bar. Not only is it much stiffer (less length to flex) but when you use too wide a bar, your forearms are having to cross in right where the bar is. Notice that the serious sprinters tend to be using bars from 38 cm to under 34? You get more power application because you aren't rocking the bike as much and pulling off-line from your pedal stroke, plus with barely any elbow flexion you're still clear of the bars with your forearms.

Alloy bars for a while got so thin and relied on heat treatment for even rudimentary stiffness, but European standards toughened up on their fragility so now they weigh a bit more (typically 40-45 grams) but they are thicker walled and from a superior alloy, so they are extremely stiff. You typically don't get quite as much freedom in designing a bend with alloy tubing that you actually have to bend to shape rather than building it up that way in carbon, but that's normally not an issue. But I'd venture that 44 cm bars are too wide for you and your position isn't right on them if you want to focus on sprinting efficiency.

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by Marin

Agreed, and at 78kg you probably don't need an overly stiff bar.

Go 40cm carbon. Ernovas, Easton EC70/70, Bontrager XXX all have some flare.

by Weenie

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