BH90 Hydro Cable with R785 brake that uses BH59 hose

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by Hamfist

PaulH wrote:Yes it does work (I’m running that exact setup), feel after a good bleed is less lever throw and in my opinion. Be careful with the bleed screw on the levers as they are easily broken

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Good to know...thx!!

by Weenie

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by LameLeg

ms6073 wrote:
ParisCarbon wrote:Apparently with the Ultegra and Dura Ace new Hydro Di2 shifters, no changes are required at all...

Just be sure that you source the correct BH-90 hydraulic hose kits, as I found there are two variants with one containing correct fittings for the new DA/Ultegra hydraulic shifters, and the older kits for R785/R685 shifters. Referencing the image below, the fitting circled in red is required for the DA ST-R9150/R9170 and Ultegra ST-R8050/R8070 shifters:


Has anyone managed to pair the R9170/R8070 series levers with banjo style brake calipers like the XT/XTR/R785, using the BH90 hose (w/crimped banjo end) using the larger connecting bolt? I believe the larger connecting bolt can be purchased using the Shimano part number: Y8RD98010.

Would like to try this once the R8070 levers are more readily available, but not sure if the larger connecting bolt will be compatible with the BH90 banjo style hose.

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