Textured Tires on trainer

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by misterq

Usually before some races I prefer to warm up on trainer, works better for me. But I have avoided using my veloflex tubulars on it and at times can be a pain when shorter on time and all.. How much hard would warm ups on trainer cause the texture from the tire?

by Weenie

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by TobinHatesYou

Don't use tubulars with glued on treads with wheel-on trainers if you can avoid it. The glue can melt and get squeezed out from between the casing and tread.

If you do, make sure you don't squeeze the tire too hard with the roller and don't go particularly hard.

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by Kaboom

I'd be weary of using tubies on a trainer even for short warmups, specially tubies as soft as the Veloflexes. Turbos chew up tires fast, the softer the tire the disproportionately faster it'll destroy it. To say nothing of the heating of the glue that Tobin described...
I'd go with rollers or a specific turbo wheel....

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